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like a big dog
Faith isn't allowed in the bars anymore because, well. She's just much too big and gets in the way with that tail wagging all over the place and the sloppy kisses that she does so well. Somebody might trip over her chocolate body and sue the owner of the establishment and the folks behind the bar.

I've been busy tonight cleaning house and drinking some beer that I bought for my own self. Went up to the dead kudzu place and saw the usuals plus the guy from the class of '74 who wears camo every day. I get on his nerves, he says. All he can talk about is how his wife left him for some other guy with a little less baggage and a lot more commitment.

Once upon a time I began to write a book about the folks who sit on those barstools...the regulars. Each of them had stories to tell and I heard a lot of them. The sad thing is that they had to go somewhere else to tell 'em besides home.

BabyGirl has this tatoo on her forearm that reminds me each and every day that I did okay as a Mom and friend. It's about time for us to do a girlie kind of roadtrip and catch up on us. Anybody want to donate to the cause?
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