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praise the lord and pass the nyquil
God bless whoever invented NyQuil and guaifenesin in pills because I never could get them down straight from the bottle. My good friend YaYa loves me so much she passed her nasty cold my way. In a nutshell? It sucks a big one. Even worse than the two stomach bugs and the other cold that preceded it. Did I mention how much I adore working in a hospital during cold and flu season? Have I ever told you precisely how BAD I hate viruses? Meh.

The good news is that it's Friday and I have a couple of days to lay amongst the dogs and quilts feeling shitty, instead of tromping through the snow to work. I don't get out on the front lines much anymore but today found me delivering blood to the emergency room for a guy who was smooth out of it enough of it to be in big trouble. The thing that caught my attention was his freaked out wife. While we gathered around her husband doing our thing, she was scared to death and crying askin' us to save his life. Last I heard we did, thanks to volunteer blood donors. She said thanks for taking the time to donate, y'all.

Umm. Pardon me while I put the cats out in the snow. They're chasing each other around the house like they're smokin' crack or something. Just wait 'til I get my paws on that dealer.

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