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Umm..yep. I've got laryngitis. Again. One of my co-workers said that was the explanation for why I was so quiet today. It just takes too much energy to talk when the sound won't come out! It was Monday from start to finish, no doubt. Big Ernie himself could've come and offered me mansions in heaven and I probably would have growled at him. Get the picture? There is one good thing about going without your normal voice though. You can say anything you want to and nobody understands. Imagine the possibilities! Boss piss you off? You can squeak back "Bite my ass idiot!" and he'll never know what you said. We all know that bosses don't read lips.

My boss is a pretty good old girl. We've spent close to thirty years together in the same workplace and know what skeletons the other has in her closet, so to speak. We have buried parents, divorced husbands, had nervous breakdowns and generally been in the trenches together for all of that time. We are the perfect match, personality wise, because she could literally organize a herd of cats to march in formation and I could care less about the details. Between her organizational ability and my wild eyed innocent dreams, we've managed to co-exist and even learn to love each other through the early days when our first boss played us against each other to see who would bust a gut to get his approval. Ahh..those were the days :)

It's kind of funny that people love watching hospital shows so much as a kind of "escape" from reality. If I had a nickel for every time some asshole holier-than-thou doctor has taken his or her bad day on me, I'd be retired right now and posting from Fiji. Seeing as how I'm more of an idea person than an organizer, I've gotten bored with the tight box that is clinical laboratory science on more than one occasion during these thirty years. When reporting lab results there is very little room for error and lots of quality control to ensure that the error is minimal and corrected quickly if found. To put it mildy, this is not real exciting at times. That's why I've taken detours out of the confines of the hospital lab over the years to explore other areas of healthcare. Like being a part of a rural health clinic. And, like digging through charts in HIM tallying the most common cause of death as a part of my interest in end-of-life care and palliative medicine.

BabyGirl and I were visiting with the Grands today and my mom and I began to chat about the old movie theater downtown that we both remembered from childhood. My girl was born years after it was torn down, and that is a memory that she can't share with us although there are plenty of others. I mentioned the other day that she has a tattoo with our mantra on her right forearm. Since it's Monday I thought I'd share it to get us through the week.

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