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when no means no
I can't say that I even remember much about the magical tale of Cinderella except for the wicked in-laws and out-laws and the talking mice. Evidently somewhere along the line Poops began to believe in a charming prince who would come along and save her from the drudgery of kissing asses and cleaning up other people's shit. Alas! The princess is sure to be disappointed when casting about this way and that looking for love from those who don't know the true meaning of the word as a verb. Let's count every man I've ever had a crush on in that category, ummkay?

They tell me no in so many different ways it seems that I should have given up on the idea long LONG ago. All of them ....each and every one were in a comfort zone that I danced around the periphery of while giving them the adoration that they needed at the time. Never even got the first honest conversation, much less a thank you note. Their mamas should have raised 'em better is all I can say.

Signing off for the evening,

Sister Elizabeth Jane ^j^
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