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random smartass thoughts
I just KNOW y'all are itching to hear about all my exciting adventures lately, so here goes. Went Krogering after work this afternoon and picked up a few things. As I was wheeling my cart through the exit all of a sudden the damn door starts alarming and talkin' to me in very stern tones. *whah...*whah**whah!*** Turns out the pork tenderloin was the culprit. That was my first experience with theft alarms on meat. Gah. What is this world coming to? I mean..it's not like it was full price or anything. Who can afford it when it is???? Anyways, I think I'll invite that girl that came over and de-activated it out to eat when I smother it with honey mustard and teriyaki sauce and cook it just right.

The cheese stick frying business is a no-go out at my brother's club . Oh, I can fry 'em all night long, but those folks are too busy dancin' and drinking to think about food. Meh. At least I can say I tried. Anybody want a double order of cheddar stuffed jalapenos? With ranch????????? Fools don't know what they're missing is all I can say about that. I slept late AND took a nap Friday so I could hang with the wild bunch and ended up coming home to piddle until the sun was startin' to peek out. Needless to say my smart ass was in the bed with the dogs before nine last night. Out like a light.

I saw the "eclipse" yesterday evening, but honestly...if I hadn't known the moon was full the night before, I'd never have known the difference. I was all excited about that red stuff they talk about. Looked to me like what BabyGirl used to call "banana moon" when she was a little tyke. I shoulda caught a flight to Africa for a better view, but I had to work today.

This guy asked me to dance a slow one Friday night and like a fool, I took him up on it. Couldn't lead worth a flip, and asks me right off if I'm married. "No" was my reply. "Are you?" He said something like "mumble.mumble.yep.mumble". Then he proceeds to pull his cellphone out of his pocket and either answer it or call somebody, I'm not sure. Cuz I was outta there and back to the kitchen in a flash. What.A.Loser. Can you say "idiot magnet" and picture Poops? Ummmhmmm.

I am currently reading a romance novel written by a guy who has penned a slew of 'em and it's about to get on my nerves considering that my last decent read was Generous Women by Earl Hamner. It is a lovely book by the master storyteller sharing his tributes to all of the ladies in his life who shaped him into who he is today at eighty-something. My youngest brother and his wifey live up in that neck of the Virginia woods. Haven't seen 'em in a while, but they're due to travel south this spring.

The buttercups, forsythia and such are making their second debut and this time...I think they're right on target weather-wise. There's cats everywhere stalking the birds and, well. You know how it is here on Pecan Lane.

Never a dull moment. ^j^

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