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roots and patience
Puttin' in an asparagus bed is sort of like being pregnant for three years. The first year after the roots are planted, you can't pick 'em when they show up in the spring. The drill is you let them grow and fern, feed them and let them die. During spring number two you can pick "lightly" meaning maybe enough to make a tasty casserole for Easter dinner...then rinse, lather and repeat. The real fun starts in spring number three when you've waited patiently to be able to pick fresh asparagus once or twice a day for a month or so. Ain't nothing like it, folks. Shout out to Yaya..your day will come :) I've been cruising the yard with a bead on every little thing that's coming up, making a mental list of things to transplant and to share. The burning bush and hydrangea have suckers which will make nice gifts to my green thumb friends if I don't plant 'em somewhere else in my own yard. We shall see how much Poopie likes to share.

This is Thursday, which we all know is dollar-beer-for-ladies at the Kudzu bar and I missed roll call...again. It has morphed from a place where "everybody knows your name" to "who the heck are YOU?" I hate that...'cuz it was my favorite place to hang out with my friends and our dogs. Just another chapter in life I suppose. On a positive note, I spend much more time at home minding my own business and the house is looking lots better. Maybe I'll get around to finishing the re-do this year. If I have a party will y'all come help celebrate??

Speaking of celebration, my Redneck Friend is about to make the big walk across the stage to get her Bachelor's degree come May. This gal is one dedicated individual and has studied her ass off to get there. Congratulations Bobbie A! We shall have some tequila on that one, and I don't even like it :) Remind me to tell you how we met at the Kudzu bar long long ago. Interesting story that involves a cemetery. And the UT Vols. And tequila. And hunky firemen.

Y'all would be soooooooo jealous of my farmer's tan. Since it's been over eighty friggin' degrees for the last week I've managed to catch some rays. Bad thing is it's only from the short sleeve down with some new face freckles too. Oh well...SugarDaddy will love me for who I am or I ain't playing. Old age has its' advantages in that respect. If you don't believe me, just ask Maxine.

Oh and, umm. Keep the faith.

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