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sleepin' dawgs and march madness

Me and the girls have had tons of fun playing outside today. They've spent the winter laying around acting like they're people or something. It's funny how when I get out and do stuff they want to come along. Faith and Hope Butterbean pretty much take every step that I do. We started out with a walk down Pecan Lane that morphed into another trip in the car with classic rock blaring to pick up trash and easy firewood. There's a dogwood tree down in front of the dairy barn that has been taken OVER by the damn kudzu. I reckon I was just plain bored enough to pull out the newly sharpened chopping utensils and attack the evil vine. Heh. We got her done! That shit is ruthless. I look at it as the revenge of Japan on us for WWII. The trusty old Camry hauls wood just as well as it does garbage so we've got a nice start on a fire when weather permits. Tornado season is right around the corner, ya know.

My yard looks like an basket full of Easter eggs with all the cool colors....yellow forsythia, purple redbud trees, rose colored quince and tons and tons of daffodils. The bradford pear and that other bush that has tiny white flowers are just covered up. I don't know the name of it, but I dug it up from Mama and Daddy's place and it grows about as fast as kudzu. While we out walking I noticed that there's been some plowing going on in the fields gettin' em ready for this year's crop. And that damn calf is back in the field across the road. Gotta love that kind of faithful wandering.

Shout out to Redneck Friend...see you on the other side of basketball season :) As for Amy Claire, well. Keep the faith, girlfriend. Our time to play is coming up and I can't WAIT.

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