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today's poop from pecan lane
Not bad for a Monday, I reckon. Hey..the pushmower started first crank and I'm feelin' lucky. Guess I better shave my legs or something expectational like that. Those damn calves are still wandering around the cotton field like the dead stalks are manna from heaven. Sheesh...go figure. I told 'ya cows are dumb. Be right back. I gotta take a shower so I can get up early for the day!job! Remind me to tell y'all about work guy and how he stole my heart back in the day. It's an interesting story. Really.
* * * *
K..I'm back and all clean. Worked up a good sweat washing my car and generally piddlin' out there in the yard with the waterhose and the rake. Guess what y'all??? It's asparagus time in Tennessee! There's two big old honking spears in the frig just waiting for their cousins to join them in a nice dish.
* * * *
Today is the one year anniversary of the tornado that ripped through Dyer county in March '06 and killed a lot of good folks. It still looks like somebody has been logging out there where it happened with big open spaces where trees and houses and a church used to be. Some are re-building while others have moved elsewhere. The memories are sometimes too much to bear for those left behind.
* * * *
Does anybody have Ralph Nader's cellphone number? See, I'm thinking that the Dems and GOP are doing the dance and playing the game so I'm just gonna write somebody in that I think has the balls to cut ties and tell it like it is. Can you see her or his first day as the head of this country. "Holy COW...what was I thinking?????" These people are nuckin' futs.
* * * *
Shout out to Big Ernie on Miss Donna's change of status from earthling to angel. I only met her a couple of times but felt like she was an outstanding person from the get-go. Now she's in heaven playing ball with Mr. Frog and Big Ernie instead of being a cheerleader. Don't look now, but she just sunk a three pointer right on time for March Madness.
* * * *
See y'all on Terrific Tuesday. ^j^
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