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tom is my friend

Y'all know Tom, right? Sheesh...where have you been under a rock or something! He's the guy on MySpace who thanks you for signing up and all that. He also reminds you when the network goes from USA time to Euro. Luckily the day job has taught me the fine art of keeping time with the world. I made the fatal mistake of deleting him as a friend but when I realized the error of my ways, I went back and made it right. Tom loves me like a sister.

As they say in the NCAA "that's the way the ball bounces." The U-of-M Tigers flat got outplayed by the Buckeyes of Ohio State this afternoon. Shout out to Hoss on Oregon hangin' in there. One t-shirt comin' up, old boy. Love ya..mean it.

There's this hottie from Nashville coming to play at Bubba's club in a few weeks and he's bringing his friends along. Poops has her eye on a good time and a free reduced price tshirt in exchange for fried chicken wings. Never underestimate the power of bartering with hungry musicians.

The temp hit 85 today which is so terribly abnormal for March that I actually wanted to call Al and tell him "you were right all along" about that global warming media spin. *note to self* Call Tony Snow and remind him that his days are numbered. *laugh like the wicked witch of the west*

Y'all know that I'm not a big Dubya fan if you've ever read what I actually write. The sad thing is that I don't see anybody out there amongst the fray that I think has the balls to change the course of this country. We are totally addicted to foreign oil and misdirected patriotism. The flag that we take out hats off for doesn't exist anymore. It seems to be all about surviving and paying the piper with nobody at all listening to the voice of the people who pay for the whole deal.

If you find that candidate, let me know. They've got my vote.
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