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until the cows come home
There's one in every herd of cattle, and this one is determined that the grass is greener on the other side of the ancient fencing that loosely surrounds 'em. I've never much thought of labs and rat terriers as herders, but by golly they chased her right back over to the gap where she's grazing peacefully waiting for Daddy or Bubba to let her back in with the clan. Pretty amazing how they can figure a way out, but never the way back in.

Poops has had two days off highlighted by visits to the GYN and the dentist respectively. As it turns out, the PAP smear is still abnormal which is bothersome to say the least. I'm not scared of cancer because I'm doing the proactive thing..just dreadin' the "this won't hurt much" office procedure...sans anesthesia...that is sure to follow. As for the dentist, well hell. Who wouldn't love a guy who sticks needles all in the roof of your mouth????

I rewarded myself with a day outside, playin' like a little kid planting pansies, raking leaves and doing general spring cleaning on the yard. I've got miles to go, but it was a start and a glorious day. There are five new freckles on my face to prove it :)

Middle-aged smartass country gals eventually find their limits with the self sufficiency thing and I am no exception. After twelve years, my used John Deere riding mower is topless and not worth the effort so I'm taking bids from yard boys to keep it mowed this year. Maybe I can manage the up around the house part with a push mower. We shall see.

Breaking news update: The calf is still in the cotton field so I reckon I'll go open the gate. See y'all on hump day.

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