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b**gging nekkid
Gah...I'm just kiddin' y'all. Get a grip ;) Truth be known, I'm covered in flannel again just like I was before last week. There's this old saying about the weather that goes something like "if you don't like it, wait a few hours and it'll change." That is especially true for the mid-south section of the country. My personal opinion is that it has something to do with the Mighty Mississippi and her tributaries with a dash of Al Gore inventing the internet and global warming. Plus grandma's apple pie, of course.

The day job continues to be a pain in the ass except for my friends. Most of mine are in very low places like sharing boiled eggs and woes with me at breakfast or listening to me fret and whine about how hard it is to be the Poopster. Mostly I just listen to their stories, tell mine and take the hugs as they come. Ain't that's what life is about when it comes right down to it?

The dogs are alive and well and making noise like they need to lay down for a nap. WorkGuy has a bunch of dogs but they live in a kennel until he feels like huntin' critters or some man thing like that. Sucker has this spoiled rotten lovely daughter and nameless wife who spend his money with wild and reckless abandon while I pine away for the chance to gaze into his baby blues as he tells a new skunk story tale. Yeah..duh. I know.

today's rant is the usual. WTF is all this $$$$$ and loss of human life about in iraq?
Bring it home Dubya. This one can't be "won" because this country won't stand for it. Our own elderly generation is dying out and you will be one of them very soon, just like me and Bill and Monica!too! Poops ain't ever been good in math BUT i think i figured this one out about the time i voted for kerry just to say no to the evil cheney/halliburton agenda and frist's grandstanding over the terry schiavo debacle in an attempt to save face for government fraud in his business dealings with hca. And, hell no, i don't have pms. haven't had a period for a couple of years.
faith is a funny thing
sometimes you don't know what or who to believe in. maybe you've got this idea stuck in a corner of the brain that says don't quit or something similar. "show me the money" turns into a mantra for the working class middle american and the starving child in darfur. i'm right there with ya and it pisses me off to no end to think of how the money is spent after the tax collectors gather it up in a big pile on the table in the temple. if i remember correctly, jesus kicked in over and had a hissy fit about the whole deal when he wasn't busy doin' miracles.
triumphal entry
gathering disciples is really easy. everybody is looking for something to believe in and the temptation to be that great IAM is tremendous for mortals. babygirl told me this afternoon about her dreams of little ET's in the basement next to her room who threw her into the fire when she was four. i must admit, it's a scary old house with a lot of history.
when people start dissing him it's tempting to join in but then i remember that i've done just as much betrayal as he ever dreamed of. anytime i say no to an opportunity to make a little difference or to embrace the life i've been blessed with, i turn him over to the guards for the trek toward the cross.

Pardon me, but there's a foot washin' going on and I'm missin' it. I'll catch up with you on the hill.

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