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(easter) rabbit rabbit!

My old dear friend Gene has this habit of saying things about rabbits on the first of the month to bring good luck. It wasn't his idea..sucker stole it from the Pez family. If I were them, I'd be lawyerin' up on copyright infringement. Hey..even attorneys gotta make a living.

Anyhow, this is how the legend goes. On the first day of the month you blog about rabbits and you have great luck for that whole stretch. Lord knows Poops could use some good luck so here we go. Me and my brother starved our bunny to death because we failed to feed his little caged up self. Truth be told, I've hit several on the road to the day job in the trusty old Camry. Road kill, so to speak. Possums are notorious for sittin' out there blind as bats just begging to be smashed into the asphalt.

This particular rabbit day just so happens to be Palm Sunday for Christians. The first day of Holy Week is significant to us in a lot of ways. But then it's also April Fool's day too. Sounds like a day to be serious and whimsical all at the same time. I spent mine outside digging stuff up out of Yaya's yard and moving it to mine. I took her some of my stuff so I guess you could say we had a perennial exchange. It's so very cool how that happens between friends.

Now...go dye some eggs or something.

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