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the joy of sex

No...wait. That's a post for another time. Today's b**g is about the joy of organic gardening, Poopie style. You see, back in the day when I was all about doing things the hard way I would go out and buy mulch and annuals and spend hours on end watering that shit with a hose just so I could go "aha..how lovely!" before August came and killed the whole deal deader than a doornail. August will always come and will be followed by the dry months of September and October when everything green and alive just turns into dust in the wind and fertilizes next years' growth.

So here's the deal. Instead of buying mulch by the scoop or bag, I just pick up the pine needle/dry leaves mix after the first mowing and spread it over the stuff that I've dug up out of other people's yards. As y'all know there are many kitties around here that no longer live in the house because they're smoking crack and get on my last nerve. Without a litter box the precious thangs just go diggin' through the organic mulch for a place to take a shit and VOILA! Natural fertilizer. They take care of the mice and the girly dogs do mole/vole/snake duty leaving Poops more time to frolic and play in the eternal quest for SugarDaddy.

Ain't life grand?
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