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poopie goes to the prom

My brother had the prom booked at his club last night and he had to work at the other job so guess who was his "representative" for the evening? Umm..you guessed it. I was staked out in the kitchen with my cellphone to call him if anything went wrong. His partner mingled with the parents who were runnin' the show and the whole deal went smooth as silk. I barely recognized the place with all the neon turned off and the tiny white lights and tulle everywhere. The dresses......OMG. There was probably a million bucks worth of satin and sequins out on that dance floor and up on the stage. Well behaved group, I must say. We expected the worst and were pleasantly surprised at a well planned evening with parents fully in control of the situation. After I left there I went to the kudzu bar straight into mass chaos and loved every minute of it. No place to stand, much less sit and karaoke going full speed. *sigh* I love that bar.

So has the Easter bunny showed up around your place yet? I'm afraid he'll have to find me at the hospital tomorrow because I'll be there slaving away. I was scheduled off but had to make some switches to get off next Sunday. Why in the world would I do that, you ask. Hmmmm....see below. I'll be putting on the feed for this bunch and their crew next Saturday night and I don't think I'll be in a blood and guts frame of mind the next day. Let's just say I don't plan on being in bed early that night.
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