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the cast
My friend Mary in North Carolina has added this cool little thing to her sidebar where she briefly describes the characters that she blogs about in her day to day life. Many times around here, I make reference to folks that you might not have a clue about. Soooooooo.....let's flesh up those personalities a bit shall we? After all I WILL wrote a book someday, and you will all be in it. Note to Hoss: I'll send your part of the royalties to wherever you get blasted off to for eternity.

The lovely( when not PMS'ing) only child of Poops and the ex. Her sense of humor is as wicked as mine yet she retains the childlike wonder that comes with being in your twenties and having your whole life ahead of you. A social work major, she works the graveyard shift at a local hotel and has plenty of interesting stories to prove it. There's a bar right by her desk, if that tells you anything.

Chocolate lab extraordinaire...smartest dog that ever lived :) The story of how she came to us four years ago is an amazing one, thus the appropriate name. She can say "I Love You" if there's food involved

Rat terrier mix diva/bitch. Breaks into a big toothy grin when she's excited to see you. If she's not, she barks her fool head off until she checks you out. It's as simple as that.

Our mothers have been lifelong friends, as we have. She knows everything about everybody and whenever we go somewhere together she's real handy to have around to explain who's doing who and who their mama is. Yaya has a shoe and purse fetish and is always on the prowl for clothes to match them. And she can wear ANYTHING...even gold boots, and pull it off with style. *A charter Kudzu Kween member*

As the name implies, RF has a rather broad streak of whoopass in her and is dying to shoot somebody if they cross her the wrong way. Also handy to have around when going somewhere in case somebody decides to act the fool. She knows lots of law enforcement people and, as I said, is just itchin' for a reason to kick somebody's ass. Next to ass kickin', her favorite thing in this world is basketball....anything at all to do with the sport just hypes her up royally. *A charter Kudzu Kween member*

A generic term for any number of charming, very married guys at the day job who get their jollies toying with my affections for sport. Work Guy is a favorite topic of conversation among Kudzu Kweens after the first few beers. All I can say is he better watch out or I'll put a hit out on him and "you know who" will do the job just for the fun of it.

Y'all know this place always has one cat too many. So far we've managed to give them all names, but we're about to run out and Little Girl and Chunk are pregnant. It all started with one cute little calico that I rescued from the parking lot at the day job. Sheesh. Rabbits ain't got nothing on cats.

Bless her heart! She worked full-time and raised three kids that (so far) aren't serial killers or psychopaths. Her nights and weekends were spent cooking and worrying about Daddy out in the snow delivering calves with a chain. Now she takes it easy and orders him around from her recliner. She gets great pleasure from reading, playing on the 'puter and watching TV, simple pleasures that she has earned the hard way. My southern belle side was a gift from her. You WILL get a thank you note, thankyouverymuch.

A farmer through and through. Why, just last week I sat and watched from the porch as he rounded up the cattle IN HIS PICKUP TRUCK tearing around the corn field like Dale Jr. at Talladega. It took him about thirty minutes of dirt slinging and hollering, but they all went back through that one little gap. Lucky for him the corn was only about three inches tall. The "smartass" in smartass country girl came directly from him. Dominant gene.


Well, y'all know I've been on the lookout for this dude for some time now. His character traits are still rather vague, but definitely include a wild passionate desire to please me in *many* ways and to relieve me from the burdens of being a single mother with a kid struggling to make it through college on student loans while we try to keep the creditors offa our asses. However, at any given moment I'd settle for somebody who likes the arts, four-wheelers, beer and/or my family and friends. And is well hung ;)

They are three and seven years younger than me and as different as night and day, and I adore them both. Bubba ( what, you don't have a Bubba???? ) owns that nightclub where I have had the opportunity to listen to live music and meet the people who make it. He also partners with Daddy on the farm thing. Babyboy Harold lives far away in the mountains and publishes, with his wife and partner, a newsmagazine that is a big hit in his rural community.

Glad to clarify that for all y'all. Remind me to tell you about the cat who went for a walk jog with me and the dogs today. Her name is Cracker and we lost her somewhere around the time the hay baler chugged up Pecan Lane. Got claw marks on my chest to show for that little adventure.
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