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daddy's hands
They're still a mess but at least there's no cellulitis yet :) Spence, on the other hand, seems to be having a bit of trouble walking. Prolly a few broken ribs from hittin' the asphalt at 65 MPH. I gotta hand it to the young dog....sucker landed on his feet like so many of us have when in crisis. He's lickin' his wounds and will be good to go soon.

I'm totally pissed off at America's voters for kicking Melinda to the curb last week. Jordan and Blake are talented and young, but neither has shown the diversity and Yo factor that she did. In honor of her, I won't watch tomorrow night. Somebody at work will tell me how it all goes down, I feel sure. Big ass production companies don't hold a candle to musicians who love what they do and work hard at pleasing a crowd. LIVE.

The virgin mother of all these cats around here is circling the house whining to high heaven because she's in labor. Again. Wherever she drops 'em is good with me. They'll all be out in the barn soon anyhow.

How about this weather y'all..dry as a bone. Being the faithful sort, I count my blessings on not having to buy gas for the mower. Who the hell can afford it besides oil execs anyway. I bet they get their gas comped and drive Hummers. There's another conspiracy theory for you to ponder. Throw in the biodiesel and you've got a novel worth a big fat honkin' chapter in the next edition of American History 2006/7.

Perhaps you're in an Italian frame of mind? Lori has just the experience for those in need of a virtual vacation. That will be about the extent of mine until SugarDaddy shows up with some bucks. Ciao, RG. Tell the train Nazi to stuff ravioli up her nose next time she wails on you for talking too much. Preferably the toasted kind. With marinara on the side.

Thirty four years ago, I graduated from Dyersburg High School, class of 1973. That can only mean that we're due for a reunion next year which requires a lot of networking to find out who's alive and kicking interested in catching up on life in the 'burg. It's not half bad when you consider the traffic and all.

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