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the good, the bad and the ugly

Daddy ain't never had much luck with dawgs. Poor old Spence is gone to doggie heaven with a busted up tailbone and a belly full of hushpuppies. I reckon we might oughta go to the pound and adopt a more mature sort of woof to keep him and Mama company.

While I was sleeping last night, four new kittens got born on my bed and I never even knew it until I woke up and there they were nursing right next to my feet. That puts the kitten tally at ten with only one who looks any sort of different. Not sure of the sex, but it's a cat of color in a sea of yellow striped clones.

The news is all bad on the teevee so I will be terming that service shortly to save money here at Casa Poops. I never much watched it anyway.

Over and out y'all. Keep the faith. ^j^
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