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in mysterious ways

Yes indeed, y'all. That is how Big Ernie works. You probably remember the untimely demise of poor Spence last week. A friend and daily reader remembered it as well when his oldest daughter came home for Memorial Day searching for a good home for a dog named Sam that she had adopted from the shelter in March. She lives in a third floor apartment and Sam turned out to be a little bigger than she had figured he would so she wanted to find a place where he could play outside.

As long as I can remember my Daddy has been an "outside dog only" kind of guy, preferably one who can herd cattle or something, but I fell in love with this little doggie and decided that if he didn't fit into HIS plans, I'd keep him myself. Yes...I know, I know. I already have two dogs and umpteen cats. Just call me sucker of the year. ANYHOO....I took him down to meet my parents and and he and my Mom immediately bonded. Daddy wasn't there so we waited for him to come home and meet the newcomer. The first thing out of his mouth was "he can't stay inside" to which Mom replied "I WANT him inside." Hmmm..Guess who won that one.

Sam will be an inside-the-cab rider with Daddy around the farm. All's well that ends well, huh?

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