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just another day in paradise

For some odd reason, Cindy Sheehan has been on my mind today. I know...I know. She oughta just get over it, but if I were her, I'd have a hard time doing that considering how the whole thing has gone down over yonder. The body count continues to escalate in a "war" that will never be won. Depressing as shit if you ask me. Some say that those who serve there signed up for it knowing that the money was decent and the risk was great, so whatever happens is their choice. Others say that those who signed up for homeland security never imagined that it would take them straight to Jihad in a handbasket. I remember my Daddy, a veteran of the Cold War, asking all us hippies just exactly what we had against the whole Vietnam thing. It was a whole different ball game then. Or was it?

We have six new identical kitties on Mama's tits out on the porch. Yellow + yellow = boring, but spaying ain't in the budget. Gotta have my AC for summer in Tennessee. The humidity is a bitch, y'all. This weekend has mighty nice..a gift of sorts from Big Ernie straight to the Poopster when she needed it most. Daddy's hand looks like a trainwreck, and Spence is still under the bushes but accepting head pats and drinkin' a little water.

As for that guy..I dunno. He turned up when I least expected it and hasn't called me back. Been there, done that...gotta t-shirt. Cynical? Nah. Just realistic.

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