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I've played around with the idea of being a traveling contract kind of med tech. At fifty bucks an hour, it looks like the answer to all of my financial problems and I could see the far corners of our country in the process, while living in an apartment without a view. No thanks, y'all.

The reason for my inertia is that Mom and Daddy live down the road, and...well. They're slowing down a bit. I don't care how old you get to be. Your parents are precious all the way to heaven no matter how bad it seemed when you were a sheltered teenager thinking of nothing but yourself. Daddy goes to the Co-op a few miles south of here and Spence usually rides on the top of his toolbox in the back of the truck. They took off this morning on a road trip to buy some shit down at Halls. The sun was shining and the breeze was good. Great day to be out on Hwy 51 South with the windows down.

News reports are sketchy as to how the whole thing went down. According to Bubba, Daddy turned the wheel on a tilt, and Spence went skiing on the asphalt at 65 MPH. Daddy realized right quick what was going on and stopped the truck to check on him. While he was takin' off the collar, Spence chomped down on his hand real good. Reflex tells ya to yank back hard when it hurts, and that's exactly what he did. Several stiches later, he's good to go. Spence, however, is hiding under the bushes. Sucks to be him.

Ran into a guy the other night I haven't seen in 35 years. Dude looked a lot different from the long haired hippie drummer that I had a crush on back in the day. All I can say is that he's aged well and had something to do with airplanes for ten years. There's 4 daughters strung out over the country doing their own thing and an elderly mom to be tended to. Did I mention how I knew who he was by lookin' at his eyes?

Tomorrow will be all about me. I'll call ya when I wake up.

Love ya...mean it. ^j^
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