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working for the weekend
I reckon somebody's gotta do it, huh? People still get sick and need blood after normal business hours. I keep trying to believe that there's a purpose in all of it, but after thirty years I'm beginning to wonder about the whole deal. Maybe I should just get me a job selling gas and chicken. "Pump five is on and ready for a fillup!"

As I said earlier, the two ho-kitties delivered a week apart. Ho #2 had six and they were dispatched to the front porch in a pet carrier quickly. After Ho#1 had the next four on my bed, I fixed them a nice little place to bond on the other side of the porch. Everybody has their space, right?
Nah. Y'all know how critters are with their young. Little Girl dragged her four over to the pet carrier with Chunk and her six and there you go...a family tradition with enough nipples to go all around. Sheesh. These cats have gotten a lot more action than me lately. I guess they're not as picky as me when it comes to sperm donors.

I might be busy for a few days knockin' the dust off of my resume. There's bound to be something I can do to make a decent living close to Pecan Lane. Don't be surprised if you find me settin' up a farmer's market at the end of the road when the produce comes in. Maybe a lemonade stand?

Keepin' the faith. Hope you are doing the same. ^j^
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