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daily dilemma

Great news kids. The pap smear is unchanged which means I get to repeat it again in three months! I told the doc I had a feeling about this whole thing along the lines of it ain't gonna change so let's rock and roll. Poor guy had the gonads to suggest we do it in the office with an ibuprofen for pre-med. I think not, dear man-who- doesn't-have-a-clue-about pain in the female parts. The plan is to combine it with a colonoscopy at the day job along with a nice dose of twilight sleep. Last time I did that, the OR crew drew pictures on my body parts. Gotta love 'em.

It's always an adventure to drive down Pecan Lane into civilization. On my way to work today there was an errant cow chompin' on the kudzu down the hill from the dairy barn. Daddy was at Rotary...the breakfast chapter at Cozy Kitchen. Mama was still snoozing. She don't get up until nine or ten but stays up late watching the TV and tappin' on the keyboard. She gets her hair done on Wednesdays and plays bridge on every other Tuesday. Unless the schedule changes. Stand by for updates.

Y'all know I've been worried about money and all but I see a pot of gold headin' my way so don't worry about old Poops. Here's the deal....my favorite classic rock station is having a big party soon where they give away a genuine Harley and I figure it's about time for my luck to change so I'm gonna be there to claim the prize and hear my favorite rock band do Crazy Bitch. The side of me that sings Kathy Mattea and Janis Joplin will just have to sit down, shut up and dance. As for the side that likes boy country singers, she's probably hopeless. I mean gah...Hank and Tim and all of them are married to skinny bitches, ya know?

Butterbean and Sam finally sniffed butts and made friends today after an extreme tension filled week of terrier territorialism. As hot as it is, they damn well better be nice or I'll kick their asses outside to sleep on the porch instead of in my bed.

Hey Idgie! This pic's for U.

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