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*warning* This may be a rant.

As we all know, there's an election coming up next year for El Presidente. In my humble opinion, that election is small stuff in the whole scheme of things. Everybody who knows politics understands that Democrats give it all away to the poor and disabled and the Republicans steal it from the middle class. This exchange of tax dollars happens because of how Congress votes, not how dumb or cute the president is. Lobbyists play a big part in all of it. Something just doesn't seem kosher to me about gettin' paid by a money grubbin' corporation to buy a vote, but that's just me and I'm kinda honest like that.

In healthcare, there are layers upon layers of political power that include profits for shareholders who have invested their old money and those who pinch pennies on the front lines to keep their bonuses intact. Groups with the most politically active lobbies tend to make more money, i.e. nursing. Medical technologists are a dying breed in the big old scheme of things, yet 70% of patient diagnoses are made based on the information that we supply to the attending docs, most of whom are highly paid by insurance companies, including Medicare. Do we see a connection here y'all? Oh yeah...and the pharmaceutical giants! Let's not forget them and their pandering.

Why can't we all just get along and take care of each other? If somebody feels a calling to be a doctor or a nurse or a physical therapist can't they just make a living wage and then go home and forget about the day job? Same for military contractors and senators. Our government is wayyyyyyyyyyyy too big and has way too much power. Us little people have no voice other than b**gs and petitions and remembrances of the past when things were much more simple.

I reckon the Celexa has quit working. Let us pray for a few days off ^j^
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