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short version of a long story
Since the "war on terror" began a few years ago, the battles have been fought with minimal support from the US government to those who felt the call to haul ass halfway around the world from the comforts of home and family to fight the crazy ass enemy hell bent on Jihad. Death to America! remains their chant. We should have seen it coming long before the twin towers imploded. Guess we were busy spending money we didn't have.

The most heinous thing about the whole deal to me is that elected officials *who shall remain nameless* profited from the initial surge. I dare you to go find hard copies of all the war contracts that got born from the time that the initial invasion was just a glimmer in some Republican's eye to the time that America said enough is enough. If we can't save the world, maybe we can save our own.

That is my prayer. This war will not be won. Let's get the hell out of dodge and tend to the challenges at home.

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