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a vacation state of mind
Y'all know old Poops has barely enough gas at three bucks a gallon to get back and forth to the day job, so obviously travel is out of the question right now. So are days off. Gotta pay that big old honking utility bill that is coming in return for staying kinda sorta cool. Anyhoo...I've decided that being "on vacation" is really a state of mine, so to speak. Anyone can vacation from their everyday life if they just look at things differently and do something besides the same old same old. That is exactly what I intend to do, starting this weekend.

Friday evening (did I say TGIF?) an old friend picked me up and we went to visit another old friend and her beautiful family. There's a baby Ava who's just a few months old and a big sister named Gabby. Her mama and me and old friend go wayyyyyyyyy back at the day job before one became a physician's assistant and the other a nurse. What a shame we lose touch with the people who have been such an important part of our lives. I'll try to do better, mkay?

Saturday found me with Redneck Friend and Yaya having a pool party, not in the blowup one but at Yaya's mama's house. Heavenly girl time with a few beers....nah, we didin't talk about y'all one bit unless it was in a good way *snort* RF has a new car, bless her heart. That old one was about to bite the dust. Her Sugardaddy boyfriend the firefighter bought it for her. Yaya is next in line for a new vehicle. She peeled the bark off of a pine tree in her yard the other night trying to kill the old Mustang so she could get a new one.

Went downtown to the square last night to listen to a little bluegrass and was glad I did. Ain't nothing like mandolin, dobro, guitar, bass and banjo to make you smile.

Y'all know the words to "Will the Circle Be Unbroken"?

Sam and Butterbean have finally negotiated a terrier truce. Faith just lays there and lets Sam chew on her ear like a good lab. The kittens, all ten of 'em, are headed either for a farmer's barn or the shelter where they will be sent to the pet store for adoption. They mamas will be going with 'em, thankyouverymuch.

I've got tomatos on the vine, herbs in pots and some squash cookin' as I type. A truckbed full of kids just passed by slowly on Pecan Lane enjoying the view. I suppose the glass is half full is you just try to see it that way. My hair is cut short, there will be no makeup until the temp dips below 80. My jewelry the next couple of weeks will consist of the little American flag Mama made me out of safety pins and beads, and the MIA bracelet that I got back during the Vietnam war. His name? James Herrick Jr.

Keep the faith, and please donate to the pay-poopie's-summer-electric-bills fund if the spirit so moves ya :)


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