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whatever, y'all
Can you not recognize Rapunzel all done up in pastel chalk? I guess you had to be there with me and the artist's family passing time in the carport and chattin' about life. Sometimes it's hard, ya know?

Me and diva's Mom found each other somewhere around the age of 16 when both of us were headed down the wrong road with all the wrong people. If you ask me, that was a Big Ernie intervention. She was valedictorian and I was somewhere around number 87 on the list of DHS graduates...completely and totally average. We stayed in touch during college and afterwards when the marriages came and went and the children were born and grew up. We struggled with ourselves and our loyalties and, in the end, remain friends of the "see you on the other side" sort.

You can't see him in the picture, but there's a prince over to the left of her majesty with a heart next to his thick head. Both of 'em were nekkid until Sisa reminded the artist to put clothes on 'em and add some jewelry and cute shoes for Rapunzel. Even though I'm a country girl, I do so appreciate me some bling.

Gotta hit the hay because tomorrow is another day at the sawmill and they all live happily ever after if they get enough sleep.

The End

P.S. No I haven't lost my mind, yet. This post refers to the picture of the cute little girl in the previous one. :)
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