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# 1001
As if anybody counts how many posts they've done! B**gger reminded me that I've passed the milestone into the danger area of being an addicted web fiend, thankyouverymuch. Of course that doesn't count all the other nooks and crannies that I write in when the spirit moves, but it's all good. Math hasn't ever been my strong point. If I had to name one, I guess it would be good old girl who tries really hard and usually ends up in the hole. 'Sokay though....Yaya reminded me that there are rewards in heaven that we can't even begin to imagine, if we just keep the faith.

Just got the list of authors for this year's Southern Festival of Books which includes one of my all time favorites, Rick Bragg. Y'all remember him dontcha? He stirred a whole bunch of stink up north at the New York Times back in the day. Too bad my vacation is the week before...I'd love to meet dude.

I should really listen to the news more closely, but frankly it's just depressing. Somehow or another I managed to miss the fact of LadyBird's passing onto glory until this evening. It got buried under the arrest of the serial killer long haul driver who stalks and murders women at Tennessee truck stops. Umm..and the latest begging from Dubya's admin to "give peace a chance." My Mama told me the other day she thinks he's silly. *snort*

Monday is S-day for Poops. Several trees gave their lives to print the multiple copies of pre-op instructions for two minor surgical procedures under local/MAC. The bottle of 30 laxative pills for "colon cleansing" cost me 72 bucks, which insurance doesn't cover because I can only afford the basic version with a thousand dollar deductible. Sheesh. And I work there. Part B consists of some cervical stuff to kill the evil not-quite-cancer-but-suspicious cells. Y'all can bring a casserole with cheese on top for the day after. I imagine I'll be hungry.

Over and out from Pecan Lane.

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