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back in the saddle stirrups again

Thanks for all the well wishes y'all. Doc Colon said the view was the same as five years ago....diverticulosis and hemmohroids plus some kind of little bleeding thing that got zapped with a soldering iron. The cervical tissue shows mild dysplasia as it has for the entire last year. GYN doc says he expects a normal pap smear in three months. We shall see.

As you can see ( or is it just me ) there is no stuff here on the old b**g other than my words. Now you can call me vain, but I just hate to give up a place where a Google search ends one right smack dab here on Pecan Lane at first pass. I need a new look around here...something that reflects the kickass woman that I am after crossing the river Jordan and all. All of Tamara's HTML is sittin' there on the template and I don't have a clue how to start over. Any volunteers? Please keep in mind that I am a poor girl.

I've read more than usual this past week which is a luxury that I miss. Stephanie and Lula are up to Thirteen now and I'm right on their tails lovin' every minute of their adventures. Also read a few verses from the "Happy Chapter" aka Phillipians. My dear friend Rebecca made the remark about how happy those letters make her back when I was teaching Sunday School to the FUMC mafia kids. Last I heard she was somewhere up in Massachusetts but that was some time ago. Ain't it funny how we lose touch?

I go back to the day job in the AM. Our country is still intact following Cheney's short reign. SugarDaddy remains just a fantasy but I'll settle for some milder than usual summer weather around Pecan Lane with a nice dose of friends and family to add pizazzz to this life of mine.

Doesn't get much better for a smartass country gal. I'm just saying.

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