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goin' with the flow

Some time ago, my old buddy Clarence gifted me with a subscription to another b**gging place. I tried it out and just couldn't bear to leave the outhouse and the footprints and swing that Tamara crafted from way up there in Canada at Cybervassals for me. I'm a sentimental sap like that.

When I first started this b**g it was a means of self expression....a connection to the world outside of my own little monotonous go-to-work-and-come-home-to-nothing- but-problems-to-deal-with-alone sort of deal. I had been divorced for a few years and had a lot of "issues" to work through regarding that past. It's over five years now, and those wounds are healed as best they can be. I'm ready to move onto something different. If y'all wanna come along, I'd be tickled to death to have you. If not, that's all good too.

When I get settled in, I'll send you a card and let you know where I'm at.

Love ya....mean it. ^j^

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