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a perfect post and a pair of rabbits
Holy moly! Here we are at the first day of the month again already and boy is it gonna be a hot one cool one because you won't find my butt anywhere that doesn't have the AC going full blast. And fans too, if necessary.

Original Perfect Post Awards – July 2007
My pal Hossobserves several rituals at the first of each month beginning with cashing in his SS check. Another fun thing he does is to participate in the awarding of the perfect post award, a b**g honor dreamed up by MommaK and Lucinda . I've never nominated one before, but this one deserves a party, and so it goes. Happy August Hossie!

Now..on to the rabbit thing and it goes something like this...on the first day of the month if you say "Rabbit!Rabbit!" you will have good luck. Hoss is a great believer in this tradition, so if it's good enough for him it's alright with me. His sister Lucy started it, by the way.
Yep..that's Hoss on the bike over there.
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