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poop happens....post-op notes
0600 Drove myself to the hospital in my trusty old Camry to find that one of my favorite nurses had left a teddy bear on my bed in the "executive suite." Thanks Joycie, Karen and Janet :)

0630 Grumpy anesthesiologist makes his appearance and never looks up from the chart. We have "history of conflict" on the job during times when he gets demanding and refuses to see the other side of the coin.

0700 Nice nurse wheels me back to pre-op holding where I'm the first one in, and starts an IV flawlessly. Got an inside look at how the OR crew begins one of their busy days. Note to self: New guy CRNA his nice butt.

0710 Perky CRNA listens to "tight" chest and orders Albuterol treatment which was delivered quickly by perky RT. Note to self: Remember to be more perky on Mondays.

0715 OB-GYN half of the surgical team checks in and tells me he'll holla back when the path report comes. Like he says, I'll probably see it before he does!

0720 CRNA shoots something in the IV that dries up every bit of saliva in my body.

0722 Nice nurse wheels me to OR. Somebody hits me with something that sends me to never-never land.

???? Wake up in post-op and it's all over but the generation of path reports and expelling of MUCHO gas from the gut area. Let's just say I farted like a 300 pound man on a diet of white beans, for about an hour.

0945 Colonoscopy doc reports in that he found no polyps, only the expected diverticulosis and hemmorhoids plus a little bleeding something or other that he cauterized.

0950 2 Diet Dr.Peppers, dry cereal and banana nut muffin. I hate banana nut, but I scarfed it down like an Ethiopian refugee.

1000 Called for help the the bathroom where pee-pee action followed quickly.

1015 Good to go. Daddy and Dusty are doing the Red Coat thing today so Dusty wheeled me out to where Daddy had my car waiting. He takes me home, goes back and parks it right where it was and leaves the keys in the lab.

1100 Nappy time again, this time with Sam.

I'll spare you the details of the 32 hour fast + 30 giant laxative pills and all the poop that followed. Use your imagination.

Question....is it just me, or has my template been kidnapped? First the left sidebar disappeared then today the whole dang thing is gone. Any ideas out there in geek land?

Love ya....mean it. ^j^
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