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shout out to idgie
I can't rightly explain it girl, except for maybe a lack of cornmeal in the daily diet. Y'all know I try to stay healthy and all and fried shit stuff is a no-no according to the FDA and the AMA and all the other A's. I was out there in the front flower bed pullin' crab grass and all of a sudden *bam*! Old Poops knew it was time to break out the iron skillet and canola oil. The whole episode might have had something to do with seeing fall in the late afternoon shadows around Pecan Lane. Me and Mama see it first, usually on the same day around this time of year. Some would say it's just a fantasy born of overheated women dreaming of cooler autumn days. I say, hell yeah. I'm living for the day I can wear makeup again without it sliding smooth 'offa my precious face.

Anyhoo...the menu consisted of all things fried and southern. Green tomatos. Okra. Cornbread. Chicken. Only the peaches'n'cream was cooked in water, but with lots of butter. Only thing missing was some fresh purple hull peas. *note to self: raid the neighbor's pea patch SOON* Nah, I think I'll just plant some next year over past the asparagus bed. My cousin Debbie raises chickens up in Kentucky so she can bring me some nuggets next time she comes around. They eat Bambi too but I refuse to go there unless I don't know what I'm eatin'.

The sweetest thing of all? I'll tell you what. My friend AKCis always a step ahead of me on getting Thanksgiving dinner in the freezer but by golly this time I've got cornbread first! Unless I eat it all.

We'll see about that one.

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