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when it all goes south
The rain, y'all. Been sitting here watching the radar and drooling at that line of thundershowers drooped lazily below Pecan Lane. That would be where the flowers are dying of thirst and the 'maters are burning up. And where Faith ate some kind of dog chew toy whole and threw up all over three rooms last night, including mine. Found that when I stepped in it at 5AM getting ready for work. I got to snickering about the dog's names today, to myself of course. First there was Faith. Then came Hope, both of them adopted and loved with all our might. Everybody at the day job had a great time naming my future dogs things like Sex and Love and Rock'n'Roll.

BabyGirl didn't think Hope looked like a Hope, but more like a Butterbean so she got a name change early in life. Butters for short. Poor thing has this gimp leg that she throws out when she runs because it got broken when she was a just a puppy. I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but I think Faith may have shoved her off the porch in a fit of jealousy. Y'all know how alpha females can be.

And then there's Sam. He was already named and neutered before he ever came to live here on the lane. At the time we had a whole bunch of cats and their offspring hanging around but the minute I saw him, I fell in love. Just a pup, he peed on my bed and pooped on the floor until he learned that Mama don't allow that stuff in her house. All three of 'em know when the keys jingle and I head out the door, it's time to go chase squirrels or something besides lay around on the furniture.

Gotta run. The covers to the couch cushions are just about ready to go into the dryer. Hopefully a little Febreze will get rid of the dog puke smell.

Keep the faith. ^j^
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