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who let the dogs in

The pussy population got cut drastically the other day when BabyGirl and BF took both mamas and all the clones out to a dairy barn where they will live happily-ever-after drinking fresh milk and chasing mice. If I was a gambler, I'd place my money on the kitten population hitting 200 by next spring. It's all good, I reckon, because the rest of the animal house has settled down to a mild roar and I don't have to worry about decapitating a little one when I open the front door.

There was only one baby in the whole bunch of ten that looked any different at all and that poor thang ended up dead with a broke neck next to a tennis ball in the front yard. We thought about calling in CSI Pecan Lane to determine which dawg got a bit too zealous playing pitch, but we just dug a grave and put up a cross instead. Sometimes nature's way is the best. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust and all that.

Speaking of water...I had the best time with the hose this afternoon following a weekend at the day job. I kinda like weekends with no administrative types all up on the overhead paging system and calling important meetings about nothing much important. It gave me time to balance my checkbook which is the usual story....red ink. Another plus to the weekend shift is that I get to listen to what I like on the radio. Talk about a power trip!

My old friend Fletch mentioned the other day that southern ladies don't sweat, they perspire. I think he's read Gone With the Wind too many times because I sweat like a hog during the summer and in the winter,too, if somebody burns too much propane. I like his pictures . You probably would too if you looked real close. I think he's a photoshop ho, but that's all good. Ain't technology grand?

Glad I didn't rush out to get an one of those new Apple phone thingys, not that I had the money. If you've read much here, you know that SugarDaddy hasn't made an appearance lately so it's me and the trusty old tracfone. Pay as you go...that's my wannabe motto. It blows my mind to see all these people everywhere with cellphones stuck to their ears like the world's gonna end if they miss a call. Sheesh. Put in on vibrate y'all and catch up with the real world later.

That's all from Pecan Lane this Sunday evening. How's life treating you?


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