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bloggin' nekkid
Is it just me, or is it hotter than a ten dollar ho on Friday night here on Pecan Lane? No! Wait! I just checked the Weather Channel and it's 91 degrees at 7:15 PM. That's why I'm sittin' here in my granny panties with the fan blowing on me. Talk about dog days..sheesh. Around here you can actually see the air due to the stagnant weather pattern that sets up during August in our area. The ozone guys call it a code orange or something like that. In other words, don't go out without your mask. Seems like those global warming people mentioned that some time not too long ago, but I could be wrong. After all...I was wrong about that "war on terror."

Anyways....the poor dawgs just can't wait for me to get home in the afternoon so they can get inside where it's a bit cooler than a hundred in the shade. I knew better, but dang if I didn't put on mascara this morning before work. The old poop eyes look like a racoon's right about now. Not a pretty sight. Speaking of which, my old friend and ex-boss Sammy K got bit by something evil and his face is swollen up and distorted like a cross between the guy in "Mask" and a cyclops so he's spending a few days in our humble hospital. He and my current boss share August 2nd as a birthday so I made a cake for 'em. Triple chocolate pound cake with fudge icing. Sometimes you just gotta say to hell with the diet, ya know?

If you live in Michigan or Wisconsin, or even Maine....y'all can't appreciate the dilemma we have here in the Southeastern US. Of course when you're paying out the butt to stay warm in January, we might just be runnin' around in shorts so I guess it all evens out.

Gotta go color my roots and shave the legs. One never knows when Sugardaddy will turn up.

As always....Keep the faith. ^j^
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