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down on the farm
It's a mighty good place to be for an old gal who knows what she wants and refuses to settle for less than everything. Unless Big Ernie sees fit to send us a front down from Canada real soon, this year's crop will be fried as a crispy critter. I reckon that's the price farmers pay for gambling on the weather and God's good green earth.

The day job, as always, is a lesson in patience. The older I get the more grateful I am to not be a young 'un again all caught up in the drama of trying to blame everybody else for things that just happen. That kinda shit just wears me out. I went to my old friend Vicki's fiftieth birthday party last night. It was her first time to be surprised just because people love her and wanted to celebrate the day. And yes, she cried.

After that, I went to the kudzu bar to check things out. We always have such a good time there singin' and dancing and what not, during the NCAA off-season. Sadly, that's about to come to a close for this year :)

Sometimes there are cute guys there. Most of 'em are married as a goose just out having a little fun. Somebody once commented that I should go to church to find me a man. In my experience, there ain't no single ones there either. As Hoss would say, scientists call that "too bad." And so it goes.

Y'all have a happy Monday and all the rest of the days of this week. Try not to get too hot.

And keep the faith.

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