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I could write an entire series of novels on this particular subject because friendship is something that comforts me when times are hard and makes the joys of life multiply like rabbits! Oddly enough, my friend Michael recently referenced the exact friendship quote that sums it all up for me. " You don't choose your friends...they choose you." Whilst pondering this particular post, an old Girl Scout song meandered back into my gray matter.
Make new friends
But keep the old
One is silver
The other is gold.

I learned a looooong time ago that a real friendship is one that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. When we are young, we tend to believe that that little circle of buddies that comprises the universe as we know it will remain intact forever just because you pinky swear and cross-you-heart-hope-to-die. Nothing could be further from the reality of true friendship. Before the socialization process begins, usually with formal schooling of some sort, friendship tends to be limited to who lives in the neighborhood or who your parents hang with. Once a kid gets out into the world his or her little personality takes on a life force of its' own and away you go into shared times with folks who can ultimately turn into lifelong friends.

I have a lot of those, some whom I have never even met in person. That's where the internet, and b**gs in particular, have changed the dynamics of friendship expanding possibilities. Of all the dozens of blogs that I read, I have met exactly one b**gger in person, and that is because he made the effort to come and visit me in person. Does that make the other friendships any less real? Nah. We've chatted on the phone, exchanged remembrances and keepsakes, sent cards and commented until the cows come home. That's the kind of validation that makes a soul feel appreciated and loved to pieces.

As a younger person I got my feelings hurt time after time by subscribing to the belief that friendship is something that never changes. In reality, the friends that I have made over the years are always there...living their own lives and crossing paths with mine when I least expect it, ready with a hug and a smile just like no time has passed. That is the true beauty of the beast. We live, we explore and we learn who we are by what is reflected back in the friends who choose us and hang with it through the bad and the good. Some of those friendships are based on history, some on common interests and some on living life to the fullest and just plain fun. I wouldn't trade all the money in the world for any of them because I love them all and they make me who I am. Blessed.

Me and some dear friends took a much needed escape from reality and spent the night in a nearby town last night. One is married, two are in committed relationships and then there's little old single me. The bottom line is we're all girls and we just want to have fun....and by golly we did. We did everything we were big enough to do and then some, bar-hopping and exploring and just enjoying each others' company. Our favorite spot of the evening? Not where we ate dinner or at the karaoke bar where we danced and sang. It was at the comedy club where this lady immediately picked up on our red-neckedness and dubbed us the "trashy heifer table" in the back. Ain't nothing like a good time to bring out the best in friends. And by golly, we sure made a new one in Julie Scoggins. She's the tall chick who's a little on the trashy side, and may be a heifer like us real soon. Thanks for the laffs girl!
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