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the (mostly) absent blogger

No...I am not dead yet. Just crazy busy with work, family drama and trying to keep the boat floatin'. In other words, trying to get my shit together. Needless to say the quest for SugarDaddy has taken a back seat to gettin' through the day with my sanity halfway intact.

The day job is, once again, in transition. The company that owns our facility is the largest for-profit chain of hospitals in the US. When we were bought several years ago, our CEO retained his position. He is about to leave for greener pastures up the corporate ladder and so we are in limbo waiting to see what happens next to us homies. Hopefully Big Ernie will be good to us. Y'all put that one on the list.

We've had two...count 'em...TWO days below 100 degrees here on Pecan Lane and I'm ecstatic over a five degree drop in temp. Tell me I ain't a low maint kind of gal!!
The corn was a loser....1/5 of the usual yield due to the prolonged drought. Cotton is self-defoliating as I type, and the beans will be sparse as well. *sigh* No pecans on the trees along the lane.

My birthday is about to roll around again and damn...didn't I just have one a few days ago? Last year a bunch of us girls rode around on a pontoon and played with remote speed boats. Who knows what this year's celebration of the life of Poops will bring. Hopefully a big O *snort*

How's things in your neck of the woods?

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