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tuesdays with poopie
My dear friend Judy aka Kenju had this unusual meme at her place with the idea of learning more about someone from their writings. To that end, the meme-er is to choose prior posts that illustrate the various subjects of the meme. Judy did a fantastic job of pulling together her favorite posts in just the right way for each subject. I gotta be honest with you folks..I've got so many posts in those archives if I had to go through them I'd be in the grave before I got done.

SOOOOOooooooooo..I'm gonna change it up a little and do it Poopster fashion. Each of the next five posts that I do will be about something on her list and it will be freshly written. Hope it's okay to change up the rules a bit Judy! I never did do that 100 things deal when I first started b**gging so I guess maybe this will make up for that.

How about that heat index y'all? That's all anybody around these parts can think about these days and according to the weather forecasters it's gonna get a LOT worse before it gets better. I'm one of those folks you see wearing shorts after Thanksgiving so you can imagine how I'm faring. The only bright spot is listening to the thin-blooded whiners who are always cold actually complain a little about the heat. Ha. Makes me wanna put a blanket on 'em!

Sorry I haven't been around lately visiting much, but you see I've been busy chasing Sugardaddy wishing for world peace ;) I promise I'll make it up to you soon as SD gets me out of that day job and into the lap of luxury *snort* I just imagine that'll be the day hell freezes over so at least I won't be sweating!

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