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another one bites the dust
Weekend, that is. Is it just me or are those days shorter than M-F? Had the place to myself as BG went out of town with BF to visit old friends. So what did I do? Hmmm. Cleaned. A lot. It was painfully obvious by the amount of dust and dog hair floatin' around that I've been having too much fun at the kudzu bar and not enough quality time with the mop and broom. Let's just say I managed to knock the dust off which is no small thing when you live right smack in the middle of a farm.

I did make it up there for the first half of a terribly depressing UT Vols game. Florida and Alabama are the two big 'uns for us and this one went south early on *sigh*

The weather has been nice and pleasant but the skeeters have come out with a vengeance. Suckers have been laying low all summer due to the drought so they jumped on the three inches of rain we got and came alive! Said rain also caused the grass to grow and my riding mower is officially dead. The plan is to keep a push-mower in good working order and pay somebody to do the rest. I may not be real bright, but I know when I'm through with something that a professional should be doing. Maybe I can trade out blood draws for yard mowin'?

This is prime time for autumn clematis around Pecan Lane. My parents gave me one in a pot for my birthday a few years ago and I can honestly say that it's the one vine that outdoes kudzu around my house. See exhibit A climbing all over the propane tank.

Lookin' forward to being off for a week and having time to do stuff to this old house. There's rotten shit everywhere bare wooden floors that I've finally managed to get clean enough to do something with. The attic is, for the most part, emptied and organized into piles. Pictures are in boxes and albums. Mom's cookbook is coming along, with she taking out a bunch and each of us adding to the recipes.

I'm not there yet, but I'm a helluva lot closer than I was before.

Keep the faith. ^j^
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