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I didn't realize how bad I hated the heat, exactly, until this summer. So it was a huge treat to me to be able to just sit on the porch and be still instead of moppin' sweat. * warning * (ramble ahead)

It must be age catching up with me since I passed another milestone that is Poopie's life. It's been a very difficult year both physically and emotionally. Work has been slammed. There have been BG and BF breakups and makeups and so forth. In my house, literally. Mom has had to concentrate on her walking and Daddy went plum nuts for about three weeks. Bubba leased his club which really killed my aspirations to be a groupie ;) That's probably not a bad thing because I was likin' the night life a bit much!

Anyways....back to the porch. It's amazing how quick shit stuff will green up when you get a good steady rain. I've made it through a low-mow summer with a 20 year old John Deere rider for the last season. Sittin' out there, the sounds are quite different from the inside noise. I heard a couple of planes go over, probably crop flyers doing surveillance prior to cotton and bean picking. Sometimes I hear the hospital choppers passing over on the way to the day job. They're always in a hurry but the military ones just take their time practicing around the airports. It's right on the other side of the golf course. Both of 'em city properties. One time an evil alderman tried to do the domain thang and condemn where we live to enlarge the golf course so as to attract industry and all. So far his biggest legacy is a street that leads to his former employer..dont'cha just hate it when happens?

My boss is on vacation and I walked in her shoes today for a couple of hours. Girlfriend can have THAT job anytime because frankly...I'm too old and tired to deal with egotistical people climbing the corporate ladder. This morning's meeting consisted of two hours of juvenile finger pointing. I sincerely hope she knows how much I respect her grown-up self :)

There was a breeze earlier, rustling through the redbuds. The dead cornfield across the lane is a natural magnet for blackbirds caw-caw-cawing their parasite selves around and around. They lit in the pecan grove for a few minutes then moved onto somewhere with a slew of bradford pears to roost in. Crickets sang. Then cicadas. The doves aren't cooing much lately due to periodic bursts of gunfire. If you know what season it is, you win a four-wheeler ride around the farm, sans weapon.

I am allergic to ragweed and mold which makes living here somewhat of a watery proposition about six months out of the year. When there's nobody around to assist with gutter cleaning chores, it just gets damp in the basement, I'm sayin'. BF better come get his shit before it rots.

One of my friends gave me a giftcard to Lowe's for my birthday and it didn't take long for me to purchase a circular saw. I've got some work to do on this old house and my birthday resolution is to get 'er done. I don't care anymore whether I own it....there's a lot of potential and history here and I intend to make it girl friendly.

BG's BF hauled me in some cottonseed hull and rock to work on my flower beds back in early summer. It didn't take long for the temps to heat up way past my comfort level,so there's still some work to be done during the fall gardening season. During the first week of October, don't bother to call. If it's life of death, just text me and I'll get back to 'ya. Or knock on the freakin' door and come on in.

By the way, Sam won the tug'o'war with Faith. He's younger and quicker on his paws. They fought it out against a backdrop of dirt and grass with Pecan Lane in all her glory,dripping Virginia creeper that nearly touched the asphalt. The hornworms ate the last of my 'maters so we're out of luck until we open the freezer and haul out some homegrown frozen from my three little faithfully planted vines.

Back in the day I hated being a farm kid all separated from the rest of Beaver Cleaver's neighborhood. As I sat on the porch this evening I realized that my heart has always been here, and most certainly will remain until I meet Big Ernie face to face. I forgot to tell ya'll about all the pregnant people, so forgive me. There's Lori, Abbey and Kimo..all my girls. Anna and Jill beat 'em to the punch on giving birth at a young age.

I was 29 when I walked into this OPS room on the wing above our lab and literally threw up on a patient. After two years without birth control, it seemed impossible that I could be knocked up because I wasn't ovulating. Sucker will be 23 later this month. Don't tell me God doesn't work in mysterious ways. She and BFgave me the most beautiful necklace for my birthday. It's a cascade of stones that trickle down against my chest in a sexy little way. Go girl :)

Not to worry...it's all good. I've shifted gears into peri-vacation. If it goes about the way menopause did, I'm covered for the next five years. There will be pictures.

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