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famous last words
Five and one half years ago, the ex told me that I couldn't afford to live here on my own. He was pretty pissed that I gave up the ghost on the long term dead end marriage. Oh...the rent is reasonable and water is free, but the cost of staying cool or warm is prohibitive for a gal who is grossly underpaid and going it alone. In my heart of hearts, I've always known this to be the truth, yet I've negotiated with the landlord and the propane guy and the electricity people to keep the boat floating here on Pecan Lane. I give.

I'll be apartment and job shopping very soon...looking at my options to make a little more money and live a little bit cheaper. Maybe I'll have a buck or ten left over for something different to wear when I go out huntin' SugarDaddy. New tennis shoes are a priority right now. JC Penney had a sale going on but damn if I wasn't smooth out of money on the designated days.

Actually, it's a relief to let go of all of it. I see spoiled rotten kids and wives spending money like crazy every which way I turn. Most of it is corporate or government bucks paid to non-leaders who grandfathered into the organization. Big houses. Private schools. Designer shopping for clothes, vehicles and cellphones. It makes me sick to think about who we are as a country and what the priorities are.

And then I read this and it gave me hope. And faith.

Maybe Big Ernie has a plan after all.
sunset blues
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