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hard labor

Twenty three years ago today, two days of erratic contractions sent me packin' to the day job to deliver BabyGirl into this world. I remember about halfway through the whole deal thinking that I changed my mind about being a Mama. Somehow it didn't seem worth all the pain and suffering. I had been having contractions for several days prior, and as it turned out she was in distress in-utero. Meconium and all that jazz. Blood culture and CBC normal.

When I marched my big fat pregnant self up the steps to the hospital, it was hot as hades, especially so for late September. Somewhere after the epidural and delivery a cool front came through and her entrance into the outside world was quite pleasant, requiring light cover to keep those baby buns warm on the way down Tickle Street to home. There was a Mom and Dad tending after her, and it was all good for many many years.

I'm so proud of that kid I could just bust a gut. She is a unique product of every person she has ever met and bonded with, especially family and friends. She works hard and plays hard. She loves to learn, most especially when one of Big Ernie's creatures stands to gain from her knowledge and insight.

Happy birthday Lauren Elizabeth. Keep the faith ^j^
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