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hit me again
On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd have to give today a 1/4, just because I'm feeling generous and all that. Viva vacation eve! Got me some Journey and Mattea helping me work it out in the background, all this shit stuff. The baggage. By most folks' standards, it's light. No sexual abuse or wire hanger drama. Mama tried her best to be everything to everybody while Daddy worked his ass off. Kind of like The Cleavers , only Eddie Haskell was named Jim Bob or something southern sounding and he favored four wheelers over Chevys.

The ex told me that I think too much, which is probably true. I reckon it's all that lab training which tends to keep things inside the box and quality controlled, all checked off by the appropriate people with records to prove it, by damn. We paid good money for that degree too! I'm not built that way at all, which could explain why it's been such a struggle to hang in there. Much more of a dreamer, I tend to see the big picture...what COULD be. If there are lemons or rotten bananas, by God we'll make some lemonade or banana nut bread. There are starving people in Africa our country who need to be fed and led. Nothin' like living in a box to make you think outside of it :)

I am seriously considering my career options. I figure if all else fails I'll make it as a karaoke singer, even though nobody ever clicks their Bic for my rendition of "Get Over It." Plan B is writer/farmer/cook/bartender. And smartass. I think that gene has dominated my genteel southern lady recessive side. Shhh...don't tell Mama!

Morgan and her Mom came to visit Meanie at work today during our breakfast break. She was still in her jammies eating sausage and drinking chocolate milk in mama's lap. The breaks after that were staggered to keep us horses fed and the semi-sick people serviced. Such is the rural hospital with a pack ER on a weekend. When a real disaster shows up you have to shove the drug seekers and hypochondriacs into the closet to make room for CPR and blood transfusions. Shit.

I understand the CYA philosophy of emergency medicine. Everybody's all lawyered up waiting to kick your ass for making a mistake when, hell. Everybody makes them, especially when there is no rhyme or reason to the whole thing. Who the hell is in charge here anyway? Last time I looked it was Wall Street.

Anybody checked on Alan lately?

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