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i will survive
A funny thing happened when I opened my eyes this morning. The realization slowly dawned on my foggy minded smartass self that, indeed, I was going to make it through the dove flu. Exactly twelve days after the first symptoms made their nasty entrance into my throat as a sort of heaviness, I could feel some improvement from the misery that followed. Like most women, I tend to soldier on through illness and do my personal best at anything and everything, including the day job. Yeah..I am woman, hear me roar. And cough. And sneeze. Anyway, thanks be to my good friend Martha who loaned me her kid's nebulizer the tightness in the chest has loosened a bit and the cough is now a bit more productive. I imagine I'll be hacking my way through this one for another week, minimum.

The day job beckons at 6AM tomorrow for a mere two day run before I'm ON FREAKIN' VACATION. Am I excited? You betcha. Do I need it? Damn skippy. What will I do with seven days off? Anything I feel like doing. It will be Pamper Poopie week from start to finish. For a brief insane moment a few days ago, I toyed around with umm..you know...the list. Ya' know how when you have a block of free time your anal retentive inner child wants to make a LIST of things to accomplish during that unstructured period? There are no less than twenty pressing tasks that could go on that list, the very first being mowing takin' a bushhog to the yard.
Back in the day, I would have had the list made and posted on the refrigerator so I wouldn't miss a single chore. But now? I'm past all that. No list. No agenda. Go with the flow. Ain't life grand?

See y'all on the flip side.

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