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Where were you when our comfy little world went to hell in a handbasket six years ago? I was at the hospital doin' what I do when Miss Anita told me the news. Me and the little general moved into the doctor's lounge to watch the drama unfold on TV. Lots of explosives and burning shit. What kind of hatred fuels that sort of evil? I can only imagine.

I'm sittin' here typing in my t-shirt with the date on it, thinking about where we've been since then, as a country. We watched as ground zero got cleaned up and the victims were memorialized, but most of us didn't make any sort of change in lifestyle or political choice in response to what happened on that day. As a matter of fact, we fed the monster with partisan jabs and upwards of 3500 US lives. God bless America, land that we love.

For every US soldier who hugs an Iraqi child and makes his day, there are ten others dying on the roadside due to a lack of proper equipment and armour at the hand of a misguided government. Ten star generals preach about keepin' the war going on because that's what they do in their little war rooms where the people are made of wood and they move them around like men on a chess board.

Generally, when the Dems are in office more money goes to social programs with an unusually proportionate tilt towards entitlement and abuse of taxpayer dollars. The GOP just wants to take up the cause and sub-contract so they can support their spoiled rotten families. The whole thing makes me sick.

Enough is enough, umkay? Let's get the hell outta there and bring the troops home. When Bin Laden dares to taunt us with a beard dyed black from a cave somewhere in bumfuck Khansakistan, the evil is too much to fight. Let's tighten up homeland security and get back to basics.

And keep the faith.

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