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shut up and rock
Y'all know what a musical whore I am so it shouldn't surprise you that I marched my little old groupie butt right up into the place known as the "club that killed my brother's establishment by locating right behind it." I had sworn when Bubba was still in business that I would never set foot in the place, but I made an exception to go enjoy the music of my friends The Remains. This group of guys has played off and on together for over 20 years and I can honestly say they have come across the perfect combination for a rock band. Drummer Gregg Rivers is a DJ at West Tennessee's hottest rock station and can wail AC/DC 'til you think his eyes are gonna pop out! Other band members include Rick Savage on guitar and vocals, Royce Wilson on guitar and vocals and Grant DuBrose on bass and vocals. Each of these talented guys contributes equally to a rock repertoire that begs to be danced to. And I damn sure did..by myself! That's the cool thing about getting older...you don't give a rat's butt what people think. It's all about the fun. One of the traditional things that this band does is get ladies from the audience to whack the cowbell during "Son of a Bitch". And so, I present to you.........my debut as a rock star.
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