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silver lining

It has been a mighty hot September here in West Tennessee, and for most of the Southeastern US. I reckon that's your global warming in action. Al Gore was born and raised in Tennessee..around Carthage. How do I know that? Because I went to inspect their hospital lab and there was a faded metal sign right at the city limits proclaiming it for all the world to see. It's funny how we learn history these days.

The war on terror goes on and on. Pollsters say that the majority of us are against the whole deal yet nobody is listening to what we say. Ain't that America, you and me? At this point, I'm skeptical to even hope for someone with much more sense than Bush. In a pre-election year, it's all about promises with little solid evidence of hope for change for us measly little peons who keep the faith. If Hillary stands up , Monica will surely be her running mate. Obama gets hit left and right with racial slurs. The GOP has a lot of hotheads seeking power as they always tend to do. What's a voter to do?

This great country is about much more than mud slinging and blame placing. We are a big huge mish-mash of family tradition, tolerance, love thy neighbor and kick his ass when he or she dares to tread on us. Let's cut out the dead weight in the government and take it back as ours. * shoutout to the secret service*...Poops is most definitely NOT a terrorist. She's just a peaceful little old gal who minds her own business and wants to see others do the same. Loves family and finds a friend everywhere she goes.

Back in the day many great people sacrificed their lives our country. Recently, the death toll has climbed due to a knee jerk reaction to 9/11. The hawks say that it's not a significant number, considering the amount of time that we've been in Iraq and Afghanistan. Compared to Vietnam, that's true.

I reckon it's all relative, huh?

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