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all good things must come to an end
I could seriously get into this not workin' thing. Tomorrow I return to the day job *sigh* with absolutely nothing accomplished except getting lots of sleep and doing my part to keep the brewers of Michelob Ultra busy. With a lime, please. The dogs have throroughly enjoyed having Mama at their beck and call for a week opening and shutting the door twenty times a day. Note to self: Next time get a doggie door.

It is still like August around here with temps hovering around 90 but that should finally change in a couple of days if some idiot doesn't globally warm us too much before then. Instead of "dreaming of a white christmas" I'm dreaming of one in the fifties. Sometimes you gotta lower your expectations to fit the reality of the situation. Remind me that I said that when it's bitter cold deep in January.

Like many folks, I have been quite unimpressed with the way the 2008 presidential race has stacked up so far. Following his appearance on The Colbert Report, Ron Paul stuck in my brain as a logical choice for a disillusioned Democrat like myself and I signed up for his e-mail list. He may not be THE candidate, but from where I sit he looks more like what we need at this point than any other one out there. Time will tell if the "Colbert Bump" was enough to kickstart the campaign. From what I've seen on his fundraising figures, it seems like it was. Maybe the "Poopie Bump" will help some too.

The highlight of my vacation happened yesterday when I was up at the kudzu bar watching the UT Vols kick Georgia's butt. I take a lot of pictures up there for THEIR blog, so I was perched up on the raised dance floor with a few fans, gettin' the full effect of a much needed victory for UT when my Kentucky-chicken-raising-cousin and her fella wandered in for a surprise visit! Dang, I love that girl :) See 'ya next time Deb!

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