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common ground

I have mentioned before how the acquisition of the hospital at which I work was the focus of a bidding war back in the early eighties between the two not-for-profit giants in Memphis, about 80 miles south. Each of them was seeking to buy up feeder hospitals along Highway 51 to funnel patients down to the Memphis market. They were and still remain fierce competitors. So it was a lovely surprise for me to find an article in today's Memphis newspaper about how they are supporting each other by NOT fighting each other over getting certificates of need to build inpatient hospice facilities. While I am realistic enough to know that under the DRG method of payment the terminally ill patient is a financial loser for hospitals, some little part of me would like to think that finally these two organizations have made the first step toward a truce in matters that concern good patient care. Being the keeper of the faith that I am, I'll hold onto that thought in honor of the work of Elisabeth Kubler Ross.

The Pecan Lane area has begun to put on its' annual show of eye candy with the trees, about two weeks later than usual. There will be pictures, of course, as soon as the mud dries enough to allow access to my favorite hangouts. We wouldn't want the Camry to get stuck in the muck, now would we Hoss? Ya'll remind me to tell you about how I left him out in the middle of nowhere to die when he came to visit. What.a.bitch.

For some odd reason, Typepad has decided that I'm welcome to log in again so there will be some posts there as well...mostly of the story telling type rather than day to day poop. That, you will continue to find right here in graphic detail and living color. Gotta run...sunset is about 45 minutes away.
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